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Fluff and Fold

Bring It To Us and We'll Take Care of It

Not enough time to sit while your laundry spins? Need to be somewhere else while your laundry is here? Don't worry; we can help.


Our professional fluff & fold service is available 8A-8P, daily (when attendant is present).


Just drop off your wash with our attendants and come back 24 hours later and it will be cleaned, folded and ready for you to take home.

Laundry Room
Folded Polo Shirts

We're pretty sure you'll be happy with our standard washing process, but you can still tell us what you'd like.


Hot Water? Bleach? Fabric Softener? Hangers? Just let us know when you drop off your laundry.* 


*some services may cost extra

**contact us for commercial pricing

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